Artificial Horizon LLC is a state-of-the-art research and development company pioneering the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to some of the most challenging applications with a special focus on the aerospace industry.

Whether the situation requires experienced pilots to be on-board and in control, on the ground when the mission is unmanned, or when it simply needs human intelligence and intuitions, and no machine is able to substitute, the IAS can.


We have developed the Intelligent Autopilot System (IAS) which has proved its ability to autonomously fly in simulation by imitating experienced pilots when they takeoff, navigate, and land while keeping an eye on the overall situation and being ready to handle uncertainties. The IAS is a fully autonomous autopilot powered by Artificial Intelligence capable of providing unprecedented abilities to control and fly various types of aircraft.


Introducing the IAS to the aerospace industry can enhance safety through its ability to handle emergency situations and severe weather conditions, and lower costs by reducing the number of pilots in cockpits, or minimizing ground control costs associated with unmanned aircraft systems.


Research & Development

From academia to the aerospace industry, we have been collaborating to develop, train, and evaluate the IAS. Multiple research papers have been published describing the development journey of the IAS which has been highlighted in various academic and industry based conferences and events around the world. More.. 


Using Artificial Neural Networks and the Learning from Demonstration concept, the IAS introduces the possibility to transfer human intelligence, intuitions, training, and skills that experienced pilots have to a system. The IAS requires few examples and small training datasets, which speeds up development and enhances performance. Our approach eliminates the “black-box” issue and allows the possibility to undergo strict Verification and Validation.


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